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Clubs & Activities

At ASCIS, students experience a balance of exceptional academics with a high involvement in school life. Students have the opportunity to join a wide variety of clubs and activities during their time at ASCIS.  As we value student experience, our weekly schedule includes a club period during the school day, where each student has an opportunity to join one of our many possible clubs.

➽KOM Team

➽Chess Club

➽Book Club

➽Writer’s Club

➽Food and Culture Club

➽Design Team (Murals)

➽Service Trips


➽3D Printing Club

➽Trivia Club


➽Student Council

➽Yearbook Crew 

➽Student Ambassadors

➽Peer Tutors


➽Debate Team 

➽Model UN


➽Board Game Club

➽Billiards Club


School Wide Events

Experience the vibrant spirit of Académie Ste Cécile through our diverse range of school-wide events, from the exhilarating Frosh Week to the heartwarming Christmas Talent Show. Join us for unforgettable moments filled with laughter, camaraderie, and endless excitement!

➽Frosh Week

➽School Carnival


➽Wacky Water Day

➽Colour Day

➽Beach Day

➽Halloween Haunted House

➽24 Hour Activity-A-Thon

➽Game Night

➽Movie Night


➽Hockey Senior Night


➽Wonka Games


➽Skating Party

➽Easter Egg Hunt

➽Christmas Talent Show

➽Valentine's Battle of Hearts 

➽Diversity Day

➽Spirit Weeks

Other School Trips

Embark on unforgettable adventures beyond the classroom with Académie Ste Cécile's exciting array of school trips. Explore the thrills of Canada's Wonderland, immerse yourself in the culture of Portugal during our Residency Trip, or showcase your musical talents at the renowned Stratford Music Festival. Engage in meaningful service experiences across the globe with trips to British Columbia, Colorado, New York, and Costa Rica. Each journey promises enriching experiences, new friendships, and memories to last a lifetime!

➽Canada's Wonderland

➽Portugal Residency Trip

➽Stratford Music Festival

➽British Columbia Service Trip


➽Colorado Service Trip

➽New York Service Trip

➽Costa Rica Service Trip

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