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Winter Sports

ASCIS offers a wide variety of winter sports. Many of our teams and athletes are successful at the city level and move on to compete at both the regional and provincial levels every year. Our facilities to host host our winter sports include an NBA size gymnasium along with access to Windsor’s state-of-the-art quatics facility, a 71-metre by 25-metre, 10-lane pool. We can accomodate multiple practices and games without a stop in play. Our boarding students benefit from open gym time after hours where they spend time practicing their skills with their friends and classmates. Our winter sports are girls volleyball, boys basketball, and swimming.

Notable Finishes

2023-2024: Girls Volleyball WECSSAA Championship – SILVER

2022-2023: Girls Volleyball SWOSSA Championship – GOLD

2021-2022: Girls Volleyball WECSSAA Championship – GOLD

2019-2020: Girls Volleyball WECSSAA Championship – SILVER

2019-2020: Girls Swimming OFSSAA Championship – 6th Place (Rebecca)

2019-2020: Girls Swimming SWOSSA Championship – SILVER (Rebecca)

2018-2019: Girls 50m Swimming OFSSAA Championship – 5th Place (Rebecca)

2018-2019: Girls Volleyball WECSSAA Championship – SILVER

Awele, Girls Volleyball

"Volleyball has been such a crucial part of my life and I've enjoyed every single moment of playing it. I'm super excited for this season - I have a lot of faith in us since we've had an amazing track record. I'm hoping we've improved even more and that we do well this season."

Luca, Boys Basketball

"Playing basketball at this school taught me a lot about the game. It provided me an opportunity to play against different levels of talent. It was also a fun experience as you can play with your friends while still creating new ones."
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