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Each November, on the Feast Day of Saint Cecilia (the patron saint of music in whose honour Académie Ste-Cécile is named), staff, parents and students from Grades 4 through 12 attend a special awards evening to recognize our students’ academic achievements. This Evening of Excellence begins with a mass in the Upper School chapel, which is followed by a formal ceremony and reception. Certificates and medals are presented to students who have achieved standing on the Dean’s List (a cumulative academic average of 90% or greater) and/or Honour Roll (80% or greater), or have attained the highest mark in an individual subject area. Awards are also presented to students for their success in external math and writing competitions.



ASCIS students successfully enjoy a variety of competitive activities, including public speaking competitions, a spelling bee, chess tournaments, science fairs and external competitions in math (e.g. University of Waterloo’s Gauss; Brock University’s Caribou Math; Mathematica Centrum’s Thales, Byron-Germain, Fibonacci, Pythagoras, Euler, Lagrange and Newton; etc.), writing (e.g. WFCU’s Harold Hewitt Scholarship competition; Polar Expressions Publishing; Bookfest Windsor; Young Writer’s Poetry contest; etc.), science (e.g. Windsor Regional Science, Technology and Engineering Fair; Canada-Wide Science Fair; the University of Windsor’s Let’s Talk Science Challenge) and art (gallery presentations and contests).


ASCIS Students Shine

Congratulations to Alina P. and Nnamdi O. for their incredible achievements in February's Caribou Math Contest! 


Out of over 10,000 participants, ASCIS' Alina placed 14th, whilst Nnamdi placed 38th in the world!

Student Highlights

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