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Celebrating the diverse talents, achievements, and stories of our remarkable student community. Discover the inspiring journeys and unique contributions of our students.

I’m a Grade 10 student at Ste-Cécile, where I've been attending since Grade 2. Born in Chicago, I moved to Canada when I was very young, and now I proudly call it home. As the second oldest of four siblings and the only girl among three brothers, I learned responsibility at a young age.


At school, my favorite subject is Math. This year I took on the challenge of completing the semestered grade 10/11 math, as well as taking computer science, a course I had no experience in. I’m a dedicated Student Ambassador, which allows me to represent my peers and contribute to making our school a better place. Being part of the student ambassador team is fantastic. It lets me show off my school, meet new people, and learn important leadership skills. I'm also very passionate about making everyone feel welcome and supported in our community.


Sports have always been in my life, especially volleyball. Being part of a team has taught me the importance of teamwork and commitment. I not only do volleyball at school, but I am a part of the South County club volleyball U16 select team, where I'm committed to practicing multiple times a week and going to away tournaments on chosen weekends. Of course winning and getting medals are great but my favourite part about being on multiple sports teams has to be the bonds I have made, as well as the unforgettable memories and friendships throughout the years. 


I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, and this aspiration drives me to work hard in all areas of my life. I recently got into a medical program in Chicago, where I get to work with other students with similar goals as me, and work closely with doctors and medical students to give me a good familiarity with the field. 

Balancing my studies, sports, and ambassador responsibilities keeps me busy, but I’m excited about the future and all the possibilities it holds.



Aspiring Doctor
Chicago, Illinois
Grade 10

Hockey, Boys Prep
Granby, Quebec

I was born and raised in Granby, Quebec, where I completed my high school studies. I played school hockey in Quebec, where I became a true Montreal Canadiens’ fan. My parents and I decided on a two year plan to play prep hockey in Ontario to improve my English skills and chase my dream of playing NCAA hockey in the US. It was a big transition to live in a billet family, 10 hours away from my parents and family, but I was truly fortunate to have the Dufour Family in Amherstburg who made me feel at home for the past two years.

During my year at Académie Ste-Cécile, I was a defenseman for the U18 Boys Prep Hockey Team and was selected as an MPHL league all-star. I truly enjoyed starting the day on the ice practicing, followed by our daily off-ice workout, but my favourite memories are mostly from the hockey road trips, and the connections I made throughout the year with fellow teammates. Of course, I have to thank my family for allowing me to follow my dream, and I have to thank Coach Serviss, Dungey and Minello for helping me get better everyday on and off the ice. It was an honour to be the first-ever Captain for the Ste-Cécile Stallions in the MPHL.

As a student, my favourite subject was Mathematics with Mr. Williams. Also, my biggest surprise was Philosophy because Mr. Holland made it so interesting and engaging. ASCIS’s religious spirit had a big impact on me as well, and it definitely enhanced my understanding of sacred beliefs and morals. The academic arena within ASCIS, with its high achieving students, created a very challenging and motivating scholastic environment.

For the next couple of years, I plan to play Junior A hockey in Canada, and complete a Business Studies program at the post secondary level. Later, I would like to be a business entrepreneur and help the world to evolve. A quote I like to share with fellow graduates is to “trust the process.” If I have any advice for future students, it would be to enjoy your time in high school, as it goes by so fast, and soon high school is going to be some of your best memories.

Once a Stallion, always a Stallion!



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