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Holy Family Achievement School

Reaching every student.

The Holy Family Achievement School of Academie Ste-Cecile International School ("HFAS") is a private, co-educational, day and resident, elementary and secondary school committed to reaching the potential of our students. HFAS enables attainable, comprehensive, and remedial learning while nurturing individuals who value themselves and others by providing an educational foundation that equips students with the ability to think, communicate, create and apply their transferable skills throughout their lifetime.

HFAS recognizes that while all students are unique, they must have opportunities to achieve success according to their own interests, abilities, and goals. Therefore, HFAS aims to enable our students to reach their individual potential and to succeed by providing each of our students with an individualized program designed to meet their personal needs as exceptional learners. HFAS aims to encourage our students to utilize their potential to become well-adjusted contributing members of society.

HFAS accepts students with learning exceptionalities from all races, colours, religions, genders, nationalities, and ethnic origins who have successfully completed all registration requirements including entrance assessments, psychological reports, and learning recommendations when necessary.

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Achieve With Us

Enhancing students' ability to learn, HFAS' strategies include:

- the background and experiences of all students as well as their diverse interests, aptitudes, and learning needs;

- individualized assessments and instructional materials;

- creative means to encourage learning;

- various types of media and activities;

- a safe and supportive environment.

At HFAS, we believe that each student, regardless of exceptionality, is entitled to this opportunity in the least restrictive environment. Students can best be served through the cooperative efforts of parents and teachers.

We also focus on strengthening students' skills of organization, self-regulation, time management, and educational responsibility. Such skills their confidence, initiative, and independence in their learning and therefore prepare them for more success in the regulated courses of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Education and Skills for Life

Aiming to foster a more efficient and successful work ethic in each of our students, the HFAS programs are adapted to the specific needs of our individual students.

HFAS offers one-on-one education using both time and course load accommodation. HFAS students receive support, supplementary time to complete tasks and additional assistance to establish proper learning skills.

All of this is done whilst meeting the Ontario curriculum expectations at a varied pace and delivery from a typical classroom setting. Rather than modifying the course material, HFAS accomoodates the needs of our students with additional support and time and with visual, auditory, and technology based aids.


Dedication to Excellence

HFAS also offers targeted aid for students looking to bridge the gap between their language skills and English as a Second Language (ESL) needs for academic success within the Ontario curriculum.

ESL learners who are not yet confident in their language skills cultivate their abilities in a smaller classroom forum.

Experience the HFAS Difference

Communication between parents and HFAS is very important to the success of our students. HFAS and ASCIS staff communincate with our parents regularly and as often as certain situations and/or concerns warrant. All designated times throughout the school year, parents will receive formal progress reports detailing academic achievement. Parents will also be apprised regularly about their child's advancement and well-being.

HFAS students who are also boarders at ASCIS receive additional support with their homework and assignments in the evenings. Boarding School Supervisors also help our students to syau on task and to complete their assignments promptly and properly. Boarding School Staff foster the academic success of the students as well as their emotinoal and physical well-being.


"At HFAS, I get a lot of direction helping me to understand myself better."


"The activities in my ESL classes help me a lot to communicate with my classmates."


"At HFAS, we adapt and overcome. We're stronger together."
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