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Fall Sports

ASCIS offers a wide variety of fall sports. Many of our teams and athletes are successful at the city level and move on to compete at both the regional and provincial levels every year. Our facilities to host our fall sports include an NBA size gymnasium along with an additional practice gymnasium. We can accommodate multiple practices and games without a stop in play. Our boarding students benefit from open gym time after hours where they spend time practicing their skills with their friends and classmates. Our fall sports include girls basketball, boys volleyball, cross-country, tennis, golf.

Notable Finishes

2023-2024: Team Award SWOSSA Championship – GOLD

2023-2024: Tennis Girls Singles SWOSSA Championship – GOLD (Anjali)

2022-2023: Cross Country SWOSSA Championship – 9th (Addison)

2022-2023: Tennis Girls Singles SWOSSA Championship – BRONZE (Tala)

2021-2022: Team Award SWOSSA Championship – GOLD

2019-2020: Tennis Girls Doubles SWOSSA Championship – GOLD (Eesha and Eunice)

2018-2019: Tennis Girls Doubles SWOSSA Championship – GOLD (Eesha and Mia)

Tala, Girls Basketball

"I have had an incredible experience being part of the girls basketball team, as it has taught me to constantly find ways to improve and to never give up, regardless of who your opponents are. We have had the opportunity to play against some bigger schools, yet we still came out victorious. What I love most is the bond our team has; we are all supportive of each other, always encouraging one another to be the best players we can be."

Mehul, Boys Volleyball

"Being a part of the boys volleyball team was an exciting, competitive experience. It was a great way to harness my skills and athleticism while working with my friends to win games. It also taught me that my mental fortitude is a key aspect when trying to come back in a game."

Annika, Cross-country

"The cross-country team was a great experience to have. Not only did I improve my stamina and physical strength, but I also had the facilities and other resources open to me to train for competitions. I also was able to find others to train with, which made training even more fun."
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